When thinking of a Viper keychain you may think of Battlestar Galactica of of the Adder,Bushmaster,copperhead,water moccasin,Fer-de-lance, or the well known viper the Rattle snake. You may be thinking of a car key chain.

The Viper keychain I’m speaking of is for self defense and like the Viper this keychain is fast and powerful. The bite from a  viper snake is so powerful you would not want to stay around to try to capture the snake rather you would run for medical attention. The Viper keychain has the power to break coconuts,cinder blocks ,and much more.  Breaking coconuts is something the Viper snake can’t do. Unlike the Snake the Viper keychain appears to be harmless in fact they are a real cool looking keychain that does not look like a self defense device. It is easy to carry and fits nicely in your pocket. Feel safe be safe with the sharp shooter viper keychain the keychain that shoots!




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About Viper Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain

The Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain !! I want everyone to have a Sharp Shooter,Super Sharp Shooter the Extreme Defender..and now the New Viper Sharp there hand's at all times, It is time to be safe, no more playing games !!!!!

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